yuuvis® Impulse – Document management for everyone in the cloud

Digitize your document management

The ready-to-run solution for small to medium-sized businesses.
Manage documents securely and in compliance with the law.
Available from 89 Euros per month for any number of users.

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Ideal for starters:
Quick start,

low risk

yuuvis® Impulse offers an alternative to complex, locally installed document management systems. It is ideal for companies that value speed, simplicity of use as well as low implementation and operating costs.

  • no installation
  • no customizing
  • no implementation project

Just log in and start working.

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Professional document management

  • Digitize your existing paper filing system
  • Professionalize your existing file system
  • Manage documents securely and in compliance with the law
  • Make your processes digital, automated and more efficient

Ready to run without installation

Cloud-based document management

yuuvis® Impulse is immediately available to you as a service (SaaS) without any effort for installation or customizing. Just open your browser and you are right in the middle of managing and organizing all kinds of digital content:

  • financial documents
  • files
  • emails
  • you name it

The system is operated at Microsoft Azure in Europe and fully GDPR compliant. And best of all, storing your documents in the cloud means you can work from anywhere and have access to your data at all times.

Example: Search for documents

Example: Add a new document

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why a DMS? Because!

That’s what’s in yuuvis® Impulse

What is the concept behind this state-of-the-art system? Read our documentation or gain practical experience with our e-learning tutorial.

All core functions of a
document management system

Small price does not mean less features

  • Custom filing structure

    Set up filing structures based on folders and documents of different types

  • Capture of metadata

    Store documents including their information (for example file name, timestamp, title and description) and classify them additionally if required

  • High-performance search

    Efficient and fast search through automatic full text indexing and supplementary technical metadata

  • Efficient workflows

    Collaborate with your colleagues, supported by defined responsibilities, editing comments, follow-ups and status monitoring

  • Compliance

    The system keeps a history of activities performed and versions the changes ensuring traceability

  • Security

    The system protects against unauthorized access or accidental deletion by means of an authorization system

Build your own solution

Take a look at yuuvis® Momentum

man with notebook computer sitting in front of a giant screen full of data

You like what you see here but need a bit more flexibility?

  • For example, a highly scalable document management system that runs on-premises as well as in the cloud?
  • Or a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape?

With yuuvis® Momentum you can create content-centric applications tailored to your needs.

By the way, this is how we built yuuvis® Impulse.

Why should I manage documents in the cloud?

Three benefits of Software-as-a-Service

You have better things to do than install and maintain software, right? SaaS can free you from a lot of the hassle.

No installation

You have direct access to the application, which is provided fully functional by the provider.

No operating and maintenance costs

No hardware, no servers, no admin. The system is operated by Microsoft Azure in Germany. Operation is ensured by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

No special software

All your users need to work with the system is an up-to-date standard browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox).

Pay for what you use (and nothing more)

Flexible document management at an affordable price

Test yuuvis® Impulse without risk and cost: During the first two months, yuuvis® Impulse is free of charge for you – meaning the full productive system, not a demo system. If you are satisfied, simply continue working after the first two months for a fixed package price. All your data will remain intact, nothing will change.

More security

Central archiving of all documents. Automatic backup every two hours. Guaranteed availability of server and storage.

Easy to use

Start directly without tedious installation. Smooth training thanks to intuitive user interface directly in the browser. Simple administration by the user.

Seven people standing and sitting around a giant note book computer.

Highest scalability

As many documents and user accounts as you want: the system automatically scales with your needs – no need for manual adjustments.

Cost control

Unlimited number of users for the price of the selected package: pay for the documents managed, not for your users working with the system. Transparent, predictable costs. Detailed insight into current data usage.

Get your personal offer!

yuuvis® Impulse is a quick way into cloud-based and flexible document management.

Use all the core functions of a document management system starting at just 89 euros per month, with no limit on the number of users. The price is based solely on the maximum number of documents to be managed and the contract term you choose.

You order yuuvis® Impulse without any risk:

  • After you submit the form, you will receive a personalized user agreement to sign.
  • You can revoke your confirmation within the first two months at any time and without giving reasons.

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