yuuvis® Momentum – Highly scalable content services out of the box

Create scalable content-centric applications in your own system landscape

yuuvis® Momentum is a state-of-the-art tool for building content and information management solutions, supporting deployment scenarios that range from on-premises, private or public cloud to hybrid, using the same cloud-native technology stack everywhere. Let it take care of your document and information management needs, regardless of where you are deploying your solution, and focus your development effort on the business innovation instead.

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How does yuuvis® Momentum make your life easier?

Design Criteria

Your system will easily deal with 109 objects in one yuuvis® Momentum instance, with massively performant search and retrieve.

Runs on-premises or in the cloud without any code change. Move from on-premises to Google, Azure, AWS or back. Use it as a backup, or to scale, or as a strategic move.

The entire backend stack will be microservices, each service scales up and down in a running system.

Reduce expensive Vmware, Windows server, SQL server, Oracle etc. costs to zero.

Good for worldwide 24/7 applications.

Allows you to focus on your business logic.

Choose Linux or Windows, more performance for less hardware costs.

Run multi-client applications against one yuuvis® Momentum instance.

For whom does yuuvis® Momentum already make life easier?

Digital Mind has been using yuuvis® by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS since 2005. Edgars Stafeckis, Head of Sales, tells us which advantages result from this in the work with customers and what the greatest benefit of yuuvis® is.


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  • Architecture
  • Schema and multitenancy
  • Document management functions
  • Archiving and integrity
  • Authentication and authorization
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What exactly are content services?

Cloud technology stack for content-centric applications

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With yuuvis® Momentum you can create content-centric applications in your own system land­scape. The highly scalable content services are based on a modern cloud technology stack and open standards. This allows seamless integration with other leading applications. It also enables the perfect hybrid strategy: Since the code is already cloud-native, it runs both on-premises and in a private or public cloud. You can move from on-premises to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. without any code migration – in your sole discretion. Use it as a backup, for scaling or as a strategic step.

Who benefits from yuuvis® Momentum?

Modern content management for your business

You need to tag, store, manage, process and retrieve a large amount of documents or other unstructured content.

Your applications need to run on premises, but still can’t do without modern cloud technology.

You need an archiving system that can be connected to existing applications and seamlessly integrated.

Why yuuvis® Momentum?

Scalable content services – the advantages at a glance

Compliance and audit trail

Add audit-proof long-term archiving to your system. Every document access request is logged. yuuvis® Momentum complies with a variety of international rules and regulations and has comprehensive certificates and declarations of conformity to support your compliance.

Future-proof scalability

The cloud-native technology stack allows the system to scale seamlessly as data volumes grow. Scale individual services to manage demand peaks – during operation, without downtime. Should you ever want to move to the public cloud, a transition is possible without code migration.


Instead of proprietary interfaces, yuuvis® Momentum relies exclusively on open standards and integration. Thanks to the well-documented REST API, the content services can be easily integrated into your existing system landscape and can then be accessed from existing applications.


It is possible to run an application for several internal customers within one system instance, which results in lower operating costs. This allows you to build a multi-tenant SaaS solution without additional effort.

Functional extension

Missing an important feature? No problem! The architecture of yuuvis® Momentum is designed for expandability. You can easily add business logic by writing your own microservices.

Easy installation and administration

yuuvis® Momentum allows you to focus on your business logic when building a solution.

100% managed, no hassle with installation or operation

Try our managed DMS API yuuvis® Ultimate

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S3 on steroids: you need to store, retrieve and manage documents in the cloud? Google drive is not enough for you? Do not build your own stack for your need, it is already there: use yuuvis® Ultimate instead.

  • Store billions of documents in our system and scale effortlessly.
  • Do not leave or change your technology stack: just consume our REST API from the stack of your choice.
  • Don’t worry about document management and focus on your business idea.
  • Get an API key at developer.yuuvis.com and you are good to go.

How does yuuvis® Momentum work?

Layers for customized high-performance content management

The central functionalities of the system are grouped into five logical core services, each consisting of several microservices and realized with modern standard technologies:
– Metadata registry: PostgreSQL, CockroachDB
– Content repository: S3 (default), MinIO, others possible
– Index: Elasticsearch
– Version management: Git
– Identity Provider: Keycloak (included), compatible with many other identity providers (OAuth2)

Additional functionalities are connected in a further layer as peripheral services. This can be, for example, the graphical client we offer, a third-party workflow engine (BPM) or a self-developed document lifecycle process.

Infographic showing the yuuvis® Momentum architecture and its' core peripheral services


The system is adaptable and can be extended with your own business logic.


Depending on the workload of the system, the individual services are scaled up or down.


If a microservice fails, a replacement service is started.

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Discover more technical features

yuuvis® Momentum is based on microservices that are realized with Docker containers and orchestrated with Kubernetes – the state-of-the-art for cloud platforms. Tools like Kubespray allow on-premises deployment.
The system runs on all systems that support Kubernetes and delivers high per­for­mance. In addition, no expensive commercial databases or the like are required, which further reduces operating costs.

The so-called schema brings semantics and context to your information: For the objects to be managed, parameters are defined that are stored as metadata. This adds a new level of information that can be used for classification and search.

Users and groups with specific roles and rights are created in the user ad­min­is­tra­tion. The access to objects is controlled by the role as­sign­ment. For example, read or write per­mis­sions can be de­fined in fine granularity.

yuuvis® Momentum supports various storage systems such as S3, iCAS or NetApp and can be connected to other systems via plugins. During archiving, a checksum (SHA256) is calculated for each document, which allows the integrity of the archive to be validated.

Who uses yuuvis® Momentum?

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