What is Rapid Application Development?

This is what yuuvis® RAD can do!

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With yuuvis® RAD, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS revolutionizes enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise information management (EIM). The completely newly developed technology stack enables companies to develop, deploy and operate powerful, domain- and customer-specific information management applications on premise – fast, cost-saving and with little effort.

yuuvis® RAD was developed API-First. With its complete, consistent and well documented REST API, yuuvis® RAD can be perfectly integrated into other systems. The platform was built on open standard technologies and best practices for software development.

The comprehensive ECM framework acts as a low-code/no-code platform. Individual ECM solutions can be built up immediately and subsequently perfected. The lightweight microservices architecture guarantees stable and lightning-fast work. The system is highly scalable and extremely fault tolerant.