What is Rapid Application Development?

This is what yuuvis® RAD can do!

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With yuuvis® RAD, OPTIMAL SYSTEMS revolutionizes enterprise content management (ECM) and enterprise information management (EIM). The completely newly developed technology stack enables companies to develop, deploy and operate powerful, domain- and customer-specific information management applications on premise – fast, cost-saving and with little effort.

The software is developed API-First. This means that yuuvis® RAD with its complete, consistent and well documented REST API can be perfectly integrated into other systems. The platform is built on open standard technologies and best practices for software development.

The comprehensive ECM framework acts as a low-code/no-code platform. So individual ECM solutions can be built up immediately and subsequently perfected. The lightweight microservices architecture guarantees stable and lightning-fast work. The system is highly scalable and extremely fault tolerant. So if you’re looking for all these features, yuuvis® RAD is the right solution.

The right solution for content-driven applications

yuuvis® RAD is a comprehensive framework for rapid application development (RAD). It offers a complete solution for Enterprise Content and Information Management. At the same time, it enables the development, deployment and operation of powerful, domain- and customer-specific information management applications.

The framework is a completely new approach to ECM and EIM. The technology stack is based on the latest state of the art in research, science and technology. End-user applications customized with yuuvis® RAD help to protect, manage and organize the structured and unstructured knowledge of any company. They therefore enable fast and company-wide access.

yuuvis® RAD offers the right tools for a comprehensive workplace for document management (DMS), enterprise content management (ECM), enterprise information management (EIM) and BPM (business process management and workflows). It can be flexibly expanded and adapted to individual requirements. Thus, applications can be newly developed or simply modified on the client side using model-based design, scripting, plug-ins and project-specific views (custom states). Therefore the business logic can be expanded as required using your own “custom” microservices.

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Learn about the customizing possibilities of yuuvis® RAD

In our webcast we give you an impression how easy it is to build new applications with yuuvis® RAD’s main modeling tool – the yuuvis® RAD designer. See how fast and easy the form scripting process is. How microservices support the lightweight system. And how you can set up a custom client and custom actions with less code and in a fraction of the time.


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For whom is yuuvis® RAD the right solution?

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The modeling and customization tools in yuuvis® RAD enable application designers and system integrators to customize powerful content-based, domain-specific end-user applications in a fraction of the time and cost required with traditional tools – with less code, fewer potential errors, and easier maintenance.

The yuuvis® RAD technology stack enables IT departments to deploy and operate customer-specific end-user applications at the web-based IT level. This is why the platform is the ideal ECM/EIM solution for small to mid-sized companies that want to operate high-performance platforms on-premises or extend existing applications with an archive.

The applications implemented with yuuvis® RAD also scale in medium-sized globally distributed company networks thanks to the modern microservices stack and the responsive web client (Angular/HTML5).

Working with Rapid Application Development – the benefits

  • yuuvis® RAD covers all recognized best practice functionalities expected from a high-end ECM EIM. The technology is state of the art.
  • yuuvis® RAD is developed according to the API-first concept: the open architecture and the uniform REST API, which is comprehensively documented online, ensure easy integration into existing system landscapes and a fast connection to third-party applications
  • End-user applications are set up in a fraction of the time and at lower cost compared to conventional tools. Less code means fewer potential errors and easier maintenance.
  • The system is characterized by high scalability, flexibility and fault tolerance.
  • yuuvis® RAD represents a concept for dealing with future disruptive technologies and thus offers a high investment protection for your organization.
  • Shared user management provides well integrated workflow and data management functionality.
  • Lightning-fast setup of simple applications goes hand in hand with more complex application scenarios, which can be supplemented by appropriate business logic via Custom Micro-Services with appropriate extensions in the client.
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Would you like to learn more about yuuvis® RAD?

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  • Open standards
  • Microservices architecture
  • Framework concept
  • Overview of services
  • Modeling and customization tools
  • Microsoft integration

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The technology behind yuuvis® RAD

yuuvis® RAD is based on open standard technologies. All server-side components are Java-based and implement a clean, scalable and lightweight microservices architecture orchestrated by Spring Cloud Netflix. Communication and protocol are based on HTTP(S), the web client is a 100 % HTML5 Angular (type script) application.

The server-side API is purely REST-based. Therefore, the strict application of these latest standards allows instant access to the largest network of software experts in the world. Nothing in yuuvis® RAD is proprietary. It therefore offers the fastest and most secure architecture available today. yuuvis® RAD is data center friendly. Thanks to the web client, the rollout on end-user workstations is simple and straightforward, without any local installation effort.

The HTTP(S) protocol between the web client and the server fully complies with standard firewall technologies. In addition, the microservices stack offers comprehensive integration of maintenance, load balancing, failover and health check into the management and monitoring tools of data centers.

yuuvis® RAD serves both the S3 interface, the de facto standard for data storage, and OAuth 2.0 for standardized, secure API authorization for desktop, web and mobile applications.

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