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Make working together more enjoyable

Workflows help to automate and speed up time-consuming processes that slow you down.


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Better efficiency,
better use of your time

Business processes are often lengthy, difficult to track, and prone to error. The manual effort can be reduced with automated workflows, freeing up more time for important tasks. yuuvis® RAD sim­plifies the creation of workflows for a wide range of tasks while also allowing for flexible customization.

Collaborate more effectively

No more endless email threads. No comparing of document versions. Shared editing processes make it easier to collaborate with others. This way, you’ll always know who’s working on the document and what its status is. Comments and changes are saved in the document history, making the editing process transparent for everyone.

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Need help getting started?

Comprehensive documentation, examples, tutorials – our help portal provides all information you need to get going.


Invoice processing

Infographic: The ideal path of an invoice with yuuvis® RAD

Work smarter, not harder

To build tools that optimally assist you and your team on a daily basis, you need to ask yourself: How do users interact with the content, how do they share it, and how can such information be used in existing and new business processes to gain new insights in a matter of seconds?


Vacation request

Infographic: The ideal path of a vacation request with yuuvis® RAD

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