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yuuvis® RAD for Developers

Create custom functions to make teams and clients happy

Do you know these challenges?

Exotic requirements

Your applications have to meet very specific requirements of customers and users. Standard software can’t offer that.

Too little time to learn new frameworks

You don’t have much time to learn how to use a new framework. You would feel most comfortable using the stack you already know well.

Limited customizing capabilities

Many frameworks are too limited with regard to customizing capabilities. You can’t access all layers in order to implement the features required.

Vendor lock-in

Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) solutions and customizing require the use of proprietary tools (hidden APIs) and lead to vendor lock-in or exceedingly complex projects.

Here’s how yuuvis® RAD can help

Open technology

  • yuuvis® RAD is based on open standard technologies, which minimizes the learning curve.
  • All server-side components are Java-based and implement a clean, scalable and lightweight microservices architecture.
  • This is orchestrated by Spring Cloud Netflix.
  • Communication and protocol are based on HTTP(S).
  • The web client is a 100% HTML5 Angular (type script) application.
  • The server-side API is purely REST based.
  • The various customizing options are also based entirely on open standards.

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Diagram showing the yuuvis® RAD microservices architecture

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Open standards

Nothing in yuuvis® RAD is proprietary. It therefore offers the fastest and most secure architecture available today. The strict application of the latest standards provides instant access to the largest network of software experts in the world.

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The microservices stack offers comprehensive integration of maintenance, load balancing, failover and health check into the management and monitoring tools of data centers. yuuvis® RAD serves both the S3 interface, the de facto standard for data storage, and OAuth 2.0 for standardized, secure API authorization for desktop, web and mobile applications.

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Data center friendly

Thanks to the web client, the rollout on end-user workstations is simple and straightforward, without any local installation effort. The HTTP(S) protocol between the web client and the server fully complies with standard firewall technologies.

See what you can do with yuuvis® RAD

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Efficiently digitize paper documents to keep knowledge and data safe and easily available

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Content Management

Digitize, organize and secure knowledge across your organization for better efficiency and compliance

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Archiving Solutions

Ensure compliance and reduce costs through digital archiving

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