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yuuvis® RAD designer

Model objects and user roles

The yuuvis® RAD designer helps to create, edit and manage your projects.


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Data modeling with the schema

The schema defines the objects that your application works with. It is made up of metadata attributes and object types that categorize your documents. By categorizing and attributing your documents in this way, you add a new layer of information to your content. This allows for extremely precise search and fast access to the content you need. yuuvis® RAD designer provides a convenient and clear tool for creating and editing your schema.

Easy-to-use form editor

Model responsive, automatically adapting data forms in a snap. Instead of tediously defining form elements on the screen, yuuvis® RAD designer includes an editor for modeling form element logical dependencies (groups, compositions). The system will automatically provide the perfect layout and alignment. You don’t need a UX expert. This allows for quick and easy customization, resulting in forms with a highly professional look and feel.

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Roles and rights

To ensure that everyone has access to the information they need, access rights are assigned via user roles. The role model maps the hierarchical organizational structures of your company. Authorizations are inherited through the organizational structure. Depending on which organizational unit an employee belongs to, they automatically have the corresponding rights to edit objects and workflows.

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Efficient processes

yuuvis® RAD designer features a graphical editor for modeling workflows and business processes. A process is made up of a series of interconnected activities and steps. You can define workflows for different processes, e.g. document reviews or vacation requests.

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