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What can you do with yuuvis® RAD?

Archiving Solutions

Ensure compliance and reduce costs through digital archiving

Reduce risk and costs

The tax audit is rapidly approaching, and you’re unsure whether all documents have been properly archived. With digital archiving, you can get rid of your paperwork. You’ll be able to easily keep track of business activities and meet governmental or industry standards. All document accesses and changes are tracked, allowing you to prove proper information handling through detailed audit tracking and reports. Centralized information governance reduces the cost of information management while also lowering the risk of fines for noncompliance.

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Digital archiving benefits

Ensure compliance

Always remain legally compliant by adhering to storage, deletion, access restriction, and other specifications.

Reduce storage costs

Respond to cost-cutting pressures by digitizing paper documents, which will significantly reduce storage space and facility costs.

Ensure long-term availability

Make sure the data is available for the duration of the retention period by using long-term storage formats and media.

Fast access

Search millions of documents in seconds. Since access is provided via a web client, there is no need to distribute software throughout the organization.

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chal­lenges with
yuuvis® RAD

Whether you’re a market leader or just starting out — the only constant is change. Build a solution for the challenges you face today while remaining open for change in the future. We’re here to help you along the way with tons of resources and a great community. What will you build?

Logo Globus

  • Founded in 1828
  • Department stores and home improvement stores in four countries
  • 18,500 employees

Quick start thanks to gradual migration

Globus is a German company with a long tradition in the field of DIY stores and specialized trade. Globus was founded in 1828 and is nowadays present with over 144 stores in Germany alone with additional stores in Luxembourg, the Czech Republic and Russia.

With yuuvis® RAD, Globus is replacing its old archive – combined with an extremely extensive data migration. In order to realize the advantages of yuuvis® RAD quickly, Globus and OPTIMAL SYSTEMS have decided on a gradual migration. This means: While individual stores are already working with the new data archive, the migration of the old system continues in the background. Within this yuuvis® RAD use case, 200 million full-text documents from the archive can be searched in less than 3 seconds.

Project result: The first store went online after one month. The deployment of yuuvis® RAD in all stores was completed after only six months.

Logo Meffert

  • 1,500 employees
  • 30,000 articles in range
  • 20 locations worldwide
  • Founded in 1947

Inte­gration with legacy systems
for compliant archiving

Meffert AG is one of the leading manufacturers of paints, varnishes, and stains in Europe. It’s a globally active company and requires a content services framework that provides support for different languages and character sets.

Meffert chose yuuvis® RAD in 2017 thanks to its flexibility, scalability and the REST API, which was crucial for integrating with the existing IT infrastructure. They created a solution for invoicing, compliant email archiving, and managing business partner records.

Logo Simona

  • 1,300 employees
  • 35,000 articles in range
  • 100,000 tons annual production
  • Founded in 1857

FileNet replace­ment
& audit-proof archive

Simona AG supplies semi-finished plastic products to a broad range of industries, with a specialty in ensuring safety for chemical apparatus and plant engineering.

As a 150 year-old business, Simona had legacy systems in place when they started talking to OPTIMAL SYSTEMS about yuuvis® RAD. They were looking to modernize their systems and needed both an audit-proof archive and a 360° view of customer and supplier information.

They found the solution they needed in yuuvis® RAD and were able to migrate an old archive comprised of 15 million documents, as well as replace their FileNet customer, supplier, and contract records system.

With their new archive and 360° view of customer and supplier information, they also added yuuvis® RAD capture scan to replace an existing application in the mailroom and integrated with SAP®.

Labor Berlin Logo

  • Founded in 2011
  • More than 600 employees
  • Nine departments

Interface to cloud-based ERP system

Labor Berlin – Charité Vivantes GmbH is a joint subsidiary of Vivantes – Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH and Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin founded on 01 January 2011. More than 60 million laboratory analyses are carried out annually by over 600 employees at thirteen locations. Europe’s largest hospital laboratory combines nine specialist areas under one roof. In 2020, Labor Berlin was named one of Germany’s Top 100 most innovative medium-sized companies for the third time in a row.

Labor Berlin has been using yuuvis® RAD since 2018 and relies on the diverse possibilities offered by this system through its connection to “SAP Business ByDesign” for the legally compliant archiving of incoming invoices. When archiving incoming invoices, yuuvis® RAD actively connects to the SAP Business ByDesign system cyclically via a web service interface and retrieves the most current incoming invoices.

At Labor Berlin, in addition to the current incoming invoices, the incoming invoices posted in the Business ByDesign system since the beginning of 2017 were also archived.

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