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yuuvis® RAD for Administrators

Get your system up and running in no time

Do you know these challenges?

Setup and maintenance of tools

You need to provide users with tools that help them do their job in the best way possible. Roles and rights are crucial to ensure everyone has access to the information they need.

No resources to develop from scratch

You have specific requirements but building your own solution from scratch takes too much time and resources. You need fast results.

Customize and extend functionality

Standard software doesn’t cut it. You need to be able to make adjustments and customizations yourself.

Health monitoring

You need to know if the system is running correctly – and quickly take the right measures if it doesn’t.

Here’s how yuuvis® RAD can help

Data modeling with no-code tools

Deploy end-user applications in a fraction of the time and at a lower cost compared to traditional tools. Less code means fewer potential errors and easier maintenance.

Learn more about yuuvis® RAD designer

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Need help getting started?

Comprehensive documentation, examples, tutorials – our help portal provides all information you need to get going.

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User management

You can configure the organizational structure in yuuvis® RAD to accurately reflect your company’s organizational and staff structure. Roles and rights are part of the yuuvis® RAD security system. In yuuvis® RAD, user rights for accessing data, functions, and applications are organized into roles based on the employees’ areas of tasks and responsibilities. As a result, users with similar tasks and responsibilities have the same rights in the system.

Health monitoring

The microservices stack provides comprehensive integration of maintenance, load balancing, failover and health check into data center management and monitoring tools. yuuvis® RAD metrics-manager is an optional extension to yuuvis® RAD that is used to consolidate logs, gain a perspective view of the data, present the results in a visually understandable manner, configure e-mail notifications for critical states and errors, and optimize processes on this basis.

Learn how to install yuuvis® RAD metrics-manager

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Learn from your peers

Get answers to your burning questions and find inspiration for your projects in our community.

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Templates provide best practice solutions and a great starting point for own applications.

Best suited for medium-sized companies

Applications implemented with yuuvis® RAD scale even in medium-sized, globally distributed company networks thanks to the modern microservices stack and the responsive web client (Angular/HTML5).

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See what you can do with yuuvis® RAD

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Efficiently digitize paper documents to keep knowledge and data safe and easily available

Learn more about Capture

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Content Management

Digitize, organize and secure knowledge across your organization for better efficiency and compliance

Learn more about Content Management

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Archiving Solutions

Ensure compliance and reduce costs through digital archiving

Learn more about Archiving Solutions

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