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What can you do with yuuvis® Momentum?

Content Repository

Create content-centric applications that you can run on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

High-performance storage wherever you need it

You can create content-centric applications in your own system landscape with yuuvis® Momentum. The highly scalable content services are built on open standards and a modern cloud technology stack. This allows for seamless integration with other leading applications. It also enables the perfect hybrid strategy: Since the code is cloud-native, it can run on-premises as well as in a private or public cloud. You can move from on-premises to Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. without any code migration – in your sole discretion. Use it as a backup, for scaling or as a strategic step.

  • Flexibility

    Create intelligent information management products by defining object types and metadata attributes that are tailored to your business use cases.

  • Diverse content types

    Store, tag, retrieve, and manage any type of binary document. Convert over 60 file types to make document visualization easier in your application.

  • Functional extension

    Missing an important feature? No problem! The architecture of yuuvis® Momentum is designed for expandability. You can easily add business logic by writing your own microservices.

  • Scalability

    The cloud-native technology stack allows the system to scale seamlessly as data volumes grow. Scale individual services to manage demand peaks – during operation, without downtime. Your system can easily handle 109 objects in one yuuvis® Momentum instance.

  • Integration

    Integrate the content services into your current system landscape with ease. yuuvis® Momentum relies exclusively on open standards and comes with a well-documented REST API.

  • Conformity

    yuuvis® Momentum is certified and compliant with a variety of rules and regulations, ensuring a sound and solid foundation for developing revision- and compliance-proof document management solutions.

Organize your documents in whatever way you see fit.

We’re here to assist.

Scalable content management for several million publications in all formats

yuuvis® Momentum serves as a central source for applications for the provision and delivery of digital publications in the reading room of the German National Library and on the internet. yuuvis® Momentum guarantees a suitable backup and recovery concept that takes into account the large number of publications in a long-term archive and integrates seamlessly into the system landscape through its service-oriented software architecture.

More use cases

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Compliance and Governance

Comply with stringent regulatory, industry, and company requirements to avoid putting your company at risk

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Build a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape

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