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yuuvis® was built to innovate and the yuuvis® community keeps our innovation game strong! This page is dedicated to our community and all the creative developers out there.

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Screenshot showing the SoundSearch Interface

Innovation 1

SoundSearch: NY yuuvis® hackathon, 1st Place

Companies are constantly creating audio data. Meeting notes, conference calls, investor meetings and more are essential to a company’s mission and progress however the audio data they produce isn’t currently searchable. SoundSearch came up with a solution to that using yuuvis®’ API.

Smart Security Systems Logo

Innovation 2

Smart Security Systems: SF yuuvis® hackathon, Grand Prize and Wildcard Challenge Winner

Large businesses are producing extraordinary amounts of untagged, hard to search security footage each day. Smart Security Systems uses a vision algorithm to tag video content, along with the yuuvis® database and API to store the video and metadata for query and provisioning based on those tags, and metadata archiving after video deletion.

Digitalbrain Logo

Innovation 3

Digitalbrain: SF yuuvis® hackathon, Archiving Challenge Winner

Digitalbrain applies a file structure to your browser that’s personalized to you. Goodbye, 22 open tabs. Goodbye, endlessly scrolling through your browser history. Hello, finding the link you were looking for. Hello, retrieving the information most valuable to you.

verbalexa Logo

Innovation 4

Verbalexa: SF yuuvis® hackathon, Sharing & Collaboration

Verbalexa is an effortless, inclusive open source Alexa Skill which jots down meeting minutes, random creative thoughts and leverages the power of the yuuvis® API to manage the content in a seamless manner. It also uses Deep Learning to provide relevant tags to the documents for methodical categorization and easy retrieval of data along with document sharing via email on a two-word command!

OTR - Better On the Record Logo

Innovation 5

OTR (On the Record): NY yuuvis® hackathon, 2nd Place

Company lawyers and managers are often frustrated when employees make informal contractual arrangements through private chat. OTR (On The Record) uses yuuvis® APIs to create a CMS that can filter chat logs according to contractual agreements.

Hire Us Logo

Innovation 6

Hire US: ATX yuuvis® hackathon, Grand Prize and Sharing & Collaboration Winner

Applicant: Standard JSON-based resume which allows for an automatically created and formatted resume. Both get stored in the yuuvis® API.

Recruiter: With hundreds of submitted applications to look through, yuuvis® API and document metadata allows for easy querying, filtering, and retrieval of documents.

Content HQ Logo

Innovation 7

Content HQ: ATX yuuvis® hackathon, Sharing and Collaboration Winner

Content HQ was born of traditional end user struggles: one of the team members had a heck of a time navigating the mass amounts of media in the enterprise where she worked. Leveraging the robust yuuvis® API functionalities, Content HQ created a better way to navigate multiple internal knowledge bases to retrieve and edit content to conduct BD, marketing, etc. operations.

Pluck Logo

Innovation 8

Pluck: ATX yuuvis® hackathon, Archiving Winner

“AI and yuuvis® powered Pluck” is Google for court evidence. With Pluck, the days of sifting through files and stacks of paper are gone. Lawyers can upload a massive amount of evidence – media files, written statements and handwritten notes – to Pluck, making it easy for others in a similar situation to search for the exact piece of information they need to win a case. Pluck lists the most significant information and enables users to tag, share or archive it. Coming soon: image captioning and video summarization.

yuuvis Hackathon Banner

Innovation 9

yuuviBear: ATX yuuvis® hackathon, Wildcard Winner

The tedious process of obtaining medical records to share with attorneys and doctors is time consuming, nerve wrecking and confusing. yuuviBear empowers patients to be in control of their medical records at the touch of a button, preventing repeat tests and unnecessary procedures.

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