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What can you do with yuuvis® Momentum?

Compliance and Governance

Comply with stringent regulatory, industry, and company requirements to avoid putting your company at risk.

Avoid penalties for noncompliance

Many organizations are required by law or corporate policy to keep confidential company information on file for extended periods of time. This generates an ever-increasing amount of digital information to manage, and new regulations continue to necessitate changes in how and for how long information is retained and disposed of. The latter should not be underestimated: not only can a too short retention period have legal consequences, but even if information is destroyed too late, there is a risk of a data breach.
With the help of retention data stored in the system, access rules, integrity checks, and other features, digital information lifecycle management assists you in meeting compliance rules.

  • Information lifecycle management

    Keep your documents’ entire lifecycles organized and streamline every step in yuuvis® Momentum – from the moment they are created to the moment they are archived or destroyed. Set an expiration date to ensure that the contents of an object or document are not deleted or changed before that date.

  • Authentication and authorization

    Connect your existing identity provider to yuuvis® Momentum for convenient user authentication. Using a permission system, you can keep documents safe from unauthorized access. In this system, each user has one or more roles that grant them access to various documents for specific actions.

  • Revision-safe archiving

    Ensure audit-proof archiving of documents, data and metadata. Access the audit trail of a business object for detailed information about the actions and modifications that have been performed, such as the creation of a document or the download of the document file as a PDF.

  • Preservation

    Create a digital long-term archive that meets legal requirements, such as ensuring information confidentiality, availability, integrity, and authenticity throughout the retention period. Its high scalability and platform independence make it ideal for the long term.

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yuuvis® Momentum is certified and complies with a variety of rules and regulations, ensuring a sound and solid platform for building revision- and compliance-proof document management solutions.

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