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Client Framework

Agile development and fast time to market

The client framework provides you with the tools you need to develop a custom client based on yuuvis® Momentum. Find your ideal mix of velocity (out-of-the-box client) and specific requirements (individual development).

All you need to develop your own client

  • Create small document management systems quickly and flexibly.
  • The reference client makes it easier to interact with the backend and serves as a template for building a custom client.
  • Use the API and a library of components to customize or extend the client for more complex functionality (e.g. invoice management with scanning and OCR).
  • The tool yuuvis® architect enables drag-and-drop modelling of forms, localization of labels and user maintenance.
  • All components are PWA-friendly (progressive web application), so your client code can be run as a native application on a mobile device right out of the box.

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What exactly is the client framework?

Client API

  • Web API Gateway
  • Allows to access functions of CRUD API
  • Provides additional services required for client-side development (e.g. user management, configuration of result lists or preferences, form localization)

Component Library

  • Library of Angular components
  • Enables you to reuse existing components such as result lists, viewer service, search, or forms
  • Allows you to quickly create your own client

Reference Client

  • yuuvis® client is a reference implementation, browser-based working environment for the daily work with the yuuvis® Momentum system.
  • Allows you to get started right away without any major training
  • Serves as example of how to use the client framework
  • Provides a basis for further modeled business applications

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