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What can you do with yuuvis® Momentum?


Build a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape

Keep your documents audit-proof and accessible for decades

You need to store and manage massive volumes of documents and information. Every day, the amount of data increases.  Do you have a thorough understanding of the retention and deletion periods? A modern archiving system can assist you in meeting compliance requirements while also legally protecting your organization. It enables you to digitally store all types of documents, make them instantly available to employees, and ensures that data is accessible throughout the retention period. Furthermore, because open-source technologies are used, you gain seamless integration into existing system landscapes as well as cost savings.

  • Compatibility

    You can seamlessly integrate your archive into the existing system landscape and access the data from other leading applications thanks to open technology standards and compatible interfaces.

  • Compliance

    Always remain legally compliant by adhering to specifications for storage, deletion, access restriction, and so on.

  • Savings

    Use open-source technologies instead of proprietary databases and servers to cut costs.

  • System landscape simplification

    Modular design technology allows for precise adaptation to your company’s needs.

  • Technology

    Future-proof technology ensures data availability throughout the retention period by using long-term storage formats and media.

  • Long-term competitiveness

    Maintain your company’s future competitiveness by timely modernizing existing applications.

Integration and integrity

yuuvis® Momentum supports a variety of storage systems, including S3, iCAS, and NetApp, and can be linked to other systems through plugins. During the archiving process, a checksum (SHA256) is calculated for each document, allowing the archive’s integrity to be validated and ensuring that objects have not been tampered with.

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Preview yuuvis® Momentum Whitepaper Archive Migration as magazine

Modernize digital archiving systems now

  • Why should you migrate now?
  • What are internal and external factors influencing migration?
  • What belongs in the archiving concept?
  • What requirements must the archiving system meet?
  • Important tips for implementing the migration
  • Successful case studies

Modern long-term archive for own products

Abraxas Informatik AG is one of the largest ICT companies in Switzerland. Abraxas supports customers in public administration and private companies with services and solutions in the areas of digital government, cloud, IT and security services, mobile solutions, specialist applications and software development. yuuvis® Momentum works with terabytes of data as an audit-proof archive and REST-based framework, on which Abraxas specialist applications are made available as cloud services via a dedicated web front-end, among other things.


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