Modernize digital archiving systems now

  • Your archiving system no longer meets all legal, technical and organizational requirements?
  • Your archiving system is no longer keeping pace with your other, more modern systems?
  • You are paying high maintenance fees for little added value?
  • Your archiving system doesn’t fit into your cloud strategy?

Reduce costs and increase compliance with archiving system migration? Our whitepaper shows how it works!

A calm conscience thanks to modern archiving

  • Compatibility

    Perfect integration into the existing system landscape thanks to future-proof technology and compatible interfaces

  • Compliance

    Always legally compliant by adhering to specifications for storage, deletion, access restriction, etc.

  • Cost savings

    Reduce costs by using open source technologies instead of proprietary databases and servers

  • Simplification of the system landscape

    Precise adaptation to the needs of your company through modular design

  • Technology

    Ensure data availability over the entire retention period through long-term usable storage formats and media

  • Sustainability

    Maintain the competitiveness of your company for the future by modernizing the existing applications in good time

Key topics of the whitepaper

Preview yuuvis® Momentum Whitepaper Archive Migration as magazine
  • Why should you migrate now?
  • What are internal and external factors influencing migration?
  • What belongs in the archiving concept?
  • What requirements must the archiving system meet?
  • Important tips for implementing the migration
  • Successful case studies

Archive migration – two success stories

Successful modernization

Abraxas Informatik AG creates an audit-proof long-term archiving system for its customers with around 400 million documents. However, the underlying archiving system was getting on in years, had a difficult to maintain infrastructure and proprietary interfaces.

Since migrating to a cloud-native archiving system, Abraxas and its customers have benefited from technical freedoms that did not exist before: With the help of flexible and developer-friendly technology, the company creates customized systems that are optimally integrated into existing processes and software landscapes.

Highly scalable long-term archive

On behalf of the Federal Government, the German National Library is obliged to collect and archive all German publications from 1913 onwards – today and in the future. The amount of data generated is very hard to imagine and is constantly growing. Theoretically, the archiving system must therefore be infinitely scalable.

The solution was found in a granular architecture based on microservices. The new archiving system is elastic on all levels: it grows automatically with the number of documents to be managed as well as the number of users.

Since there were already systems in place for the management of library metadata and full-text searches, these should remain in use. This made the interfaces particularly important. The new archiving system was seamlessly integrated into the existing system landscape via a REST API.

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