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Digitize your document management

The ready-to-run solution for small to medium-sized businesses.
Manage documents securely and in compliance with the law.

Packages for every storage need

  • Transparent pricing
  • 2 months free of charge
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Cancel any time during test period, no risk

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  • transparent pricing
  • 2 months free of charge
  • unlimited number of users
  • cancel any time during test period, no risk

Test without risk

  • fully functional productive system
  • 2 months free of charge
  • 1 user account
  • after testing, choose a plan and continue working as usual

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yuuvis® Impulse offers an alternative to complex, locally installed document management systems (DMS). It is ideal for companies that value speed, simplicity of use as well as low implementation and operating costs.

  • no installation
  • no customizing
  • no implementation project

Just log in and start working.

Professional document management

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  • Digitize your existing paper filing system
  • Professionalize your existing file system
  • Manage documents securely and in compliance with the law
  • Make your processes digital, automated and more efficient

Ready to run without installation

Cloud-based document management

yuuvis® Impulse is immediately available to you as a service (SaaS) without any effort for installation or customizing. Just open your browser and you are right in the middle of managing and organizing all kinds of digital content:

  • financial documents
  • files
  • emails
  • you name it

The system is operated at Microsoft Azure in Europe and fully GDPR compliant. And best of all, storing your documents in the cloud means you can work from anywhere and have access to your data at all times.

What is special about yuuvis® Impulse?

Feature highlights

Do you recognize this scenario? You’re looking for a specific invoice, but the file name only contains the customer’s name. As a result, it eludes the search, forcing you to manually search through the file system until you find the document you’re looking for.

Categories of documents, or document types, make things clearer and easier. They distinguish between documents that are factually different, such as an invoice or an employment contract.

How to quickly locate the correct document: First, select document types that interest you, such as invoices. You can see how many of them are stored in the system at a glance. Add more search terms, such as the customer’s name or the date, and you’re done.

There is recurring information in many business-typical documents. An employment contract, for example, includes the employee’s name, address, and the date the contract began.

This information is known as metadata. It describes specific aspects of a document. Documents can be stored and retrieved in a structured manner with its assistance.

In the file system, all metadata must be stored in the file name. This necessitates a great deal of convention and discipline, and it quickly becomes perplexing.

A document management system, on the other hand, records metadata explicitly. There will be no more conventions to remember. You enter the information into the appropriate fields when you add a document to the system; in some cases, this is done automatically. It’s as simple as that.

You can use the metadata to narrow your search and quickly find the right document.

When you search for a document in yuuvis® Impulse, the search function includes both the metadata and the full text of all documents in the system.

This simplifies and speeds up the search process compared to using a form-based search entry: There, the search terms must be laboriously entered into the appropriate form fields. And if you want to search for a term that does not have a field, you’re out of luck!

Simply enter all search terms into the yuuvis® Impulse search field. The expected number of hits is displayed as you type. This way, you can check the search criteria before starting the search and refine them if necessary.

Filters can be used to narrow down hit lists even further. The search also considers a user’s permission to view documents: Each user only sees what has been made available to them.

Documents are frequently passed back and forth between employees in everyday life. Requests for vacation, sick notes, and releases are just a few examples. It’s difficult to keep track of the entire process.

Shared editing processes help you to collaborate with others. This way, you can always see who is currently working on the document and what its status is.

For example, if you want to send a document to a colleague for approval, you designate him or her as the person in charge and set the document’s status to “to do”. The document is edited by your colleague, who then reassigns it to you.

When users hand over the document, they can leave comments for the next person in charge. These are saved in a history, making the editing process transparent and traceable.

Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

– Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Why a DMS? Because!

That’s what yuuvis® Impulse is all about


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What is the concept behind this state-of-the-art system? Read our documentation or gain practical experience with our e-learning tutorial.

All core functions of a
document management system

Small price does not mean less features

  • Custom filing structure

    Set up filing structures based on folders and documents of different types

  • Capture of metadata

    Store documents including their information (for example file name, timestamp, title and description) and classify them additionally if required

  • High-performance search

    Efficient and fast search through automatic full text indexing and supplementary technical metadata

  • Efficient workflows

    Collaborate with your colleagues, supported by defined responsibilities, editing comments, follow-ups and status monitoring

  • Compliance

    The system keeps a history of activities performed and versions the changes ensuring traceability

  • Security

    The system protects against unauthorized access or accidental deletion by means of an authorization system

Build your own solution

Take a look at yuuvis® Momentum

Person with laptop in front of huge monitor with code on it

You like what you see here but need a bit more flexibility?

  • For example, a highly scalable document management system that runs on-premises as well as in the cloud?
  • Or a modern long-term archive that integrates with your existing system landscape?

With yuuvis® Momentum you can create content-centric applications tailored to your needs.

By the way, this is how we built yuuvis® Impulse.

Why should I manage documents in the cloud?

Three benefits of Software-as-a-Service

You have better things to do than install and maintain software, right? SaaS can free you from a lot of the hassle.

No installation

You have direct access to the application, which is provided fully functional by the provider.

No operating and maintenance costs

No hardware, no servers, no admin. The system is operated by Microsoft Azure in Germany. Operation is ensured by OPTIMAL SYSTEMS.

No special software

All your users need to work with the system is an up-to-date standard browser (Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox).

Pay for what you use (and nothing more)

Flexible document management at an affordable price

Test without risk and cost: Use yuuvis® Impulse free of charge for two full calendar months – meaning the full productive system, not a demo system. If you are satisfied, simply continue working after the first two months for a fixed package price. All your data will remain intact, nothing will change.

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More security

Central archiving of all documents. Automatic backup every two hours. Guaranteed availability of server and storage.

Easy to use

Start directly without tedious installation. Smooth training thanks to intuitive user interface directly in the browser. Simple administration by the user.

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Highest scalability

As many documents and user accounts as you want: the system automatically scales with your needs – no need for manual adjustments.

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Cost control

Unlimited number of users for the price of the selected package: pay for the documents managed, not for your users working with the system. Transparent, predictable costs. Detailed insight into current data usage.

Get your document management ready for the future

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We’ll send you your login information, and you’ll be good to go! An interactive tutorial and detailed documentation will make getting started even easier.

Ready to get started?

View pricing options

  • transparent pricing
  • 2 months free of charge
  • unlimited number of users
  • cancel any time, no risk

Test without risk

  • fully functional productive system
  • 2 months free of charge
  • 1 user account
  • after testing, choose a plan and continue working as usual

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