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AI, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning in a Nutshell

What exactly are Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning? And what difference does it make for your business?

Demystifying Cloud Computing: Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud

What exactly is the difference between Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud and when should you choose which deployment model?

Demystifying Cloud Computing: IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

“The cloud” can mean many things. What exactly are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS – and which should you choose for your cloud project?

Enterprise-wide digitization: The first step is crucial

Many businesses don’t realize that their various digitization approaches are lacking a DMS strategy. Begin by getting rid of paper.

You are here: Four ECM trends to have on your radar in 2022

What’s next in the world of enterprise content management? Here are four things we think you should have on your radar in 2022.

The 5 Advantages of Cloud-native Platforms

Cloud-native platforms are a hot topic right now. But it’s not just a hip trend. Here are 5 advantages that come with this technology.

How does an AI learn to process invoices?

Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning significantly increases the hit rate in document classification.

What is Dark Data and how can it be used?

Analysts are concerned about the rise of “dark data,” a vast amount of unused and unstructured data that has yet to be assigned a value. We dare to take a dive into the data swamp.

It’s time for a change: New technology is bringing old archives up to speed

A growing number of documents must be managed and stored in accordance with the law. Old archiving systems are can not keep up. We show you how to overcome this challenge.